One month. 31 days.

It doesn’t sound like much, but at Carthage, you will come to expect great things from January Term (better known as J-Term). It’s one page of the calendar devoted entirely to whatever you’re wild about. Travel. Volunteer. Perform. Do something you may never do again.

During J-Term, you will take a single class, either on campus or around the world. Professors offer J-Term study tours to such destinations as Singapore, Guatemala, Germany, Japan, and Southern Africa. Study the effects of the Cuban embargo firsthand. Treat medical needs and address water quality in Nicaragua. Observe the ecology of a Caribbean coral reef ecosystem.

If you choose to stay on campus for J-Term, there are more than 60 courses to choose from. Assemble a telescope from scratch. Stage an opera in 30 days. Curate a museum exhibit. Study bioenergetics or the biology of cancer.

Courses meet for three hours Monday through Friday, providing time for field trips, guest speakers, research projects, and vibrant discussion. Many students choose to explore a subject outside their majors, giving them a chance to discover new interests. Other students use J-Term to tackle a tough requirement, like Organic Chemistry, enjoying the extra class time and opportunity to focus.