Engineering at Carthage

Students in the Engineering program at Carthage learn how to design, analyze, and test devices and processes that solve human problems. With a heavy focus on hands-on work, students begin getting real project experience as soon as they enter the program. Through partnerships between Carthage and companies around the area, students work on real projects that have a real impact on our community.

New in Fall 2023, the Carthage Engineering Center offers best-in-class equipment, design studios, and a MakerSpace where engineering majors can cultivate valuable skills that they will use throughout their engineering careers.

Carthage offers a B.A. and B.S. in engineering. A non-discipline-specific program, students learn skills that will make them a versatile and valuable asset to engineering teams. With Carthage’s liberal arts focus, students will learn not only valuable mathematics, science, and technical skills but also the communication and problem-solving skills to become leaders in the field.