Welcome to Kenosha

When theatre major Mikaley Osley arrived in Kenosha from her hometown outside Denver, the older and wiser theatre upperclassmen let her in on a longtime tradition. “The seniors said, ‘We have a Kenosha Bucket List, with all the weird things you can do here.’ ” They passed along the list, and she and her friends got started. The Jelly Belly Factory. Mars Cheese Castle. The Washington Park Velodrome, the oldest operating velodrome in the United States. She urges everybody to dive right into the weird, wacky, and wonderful offerings in Wisconsin. “You never know what you’re going to find, and what memories you’re going to make.”

Kenosha is a vibrant city with great restaurants, eclectic coffee shops, museums, art galleries, a weekend outdoor market, old-fashioned streetcars, and so much more, like the breathtaking views of Lake Michigan from your dorm room window. Plus, Kenosha offers easy access to two major metropolitan areas, Milwaukee and Chicago. Visit www.carthage.edu/our-great-lake to read 20 reasons why students love our location.