Living On Campus

Carthage is a residential college at its core, and that means more than having a place to sleep. We believe there’s plenty to learn from roommates, floormates, and simply learning to live on your own.

Traditional Housing: First-year residential students typically live in one of our four traditional residence halls, which primarily offer two-person rooms and communal bathrooms. Those halls are Denhart, Johnson, Madrigrano, and Tarble (all-female hall).

Suite-Style Housing: Returning students (sophomores and above) can request one of our newer options, which feature suites with private bathrooms for two or four students. Those halls are the Oaks Village (six buildings) and The Tower.

Students who live within 30 miles or meet other criteria can opt out of Carthage housing. Commuters still get much of the full college experience by using the facilities, joining clubs, and having a meal plan.

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