Beyond Office Hours

Carthage students say it over and over again: The relationships they build with their professors are stronger than they imagined possible. At Carthage, faculty are passionate about teaching and make themselves available beyond their official office hours …

  • Like when class ends and they refuse to leave until you understand that difficult concept.
  • Or when their lunch break becomes your mock job interview.
  • Or when they write you a stellar letter of recommendation to help you land that research position or get into your top-choice grad school.

At Carthage, your professors aren’t just experts at the front of the classroom. They become your mentors, coaches, cheerleaders, counselors, and friends.

“Carthage faculty have had a major impact on my life,” says graphic design major Azubiuke Whigham. “Knowing that I have mentors to reach out to for advice takes some of the pressure off of being a college student.”

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